Lidia Hicks MA, CCA, CCH, NDm

is a passionate life-long learner and an innate teacher.Her passions include science, languages, people, traveling and holistic healing.


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In-Person Training

  • FABULOUS experience! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is interested in the healing powers of oils! Thank you so much Lidia Hicks! You have changed my life! I am so thankful for ALL you taught me in the short period we were together! I am excited about how I will use this knowledge to improve my life and health of my family and I. This was an awesome class and I learned so much. I can´t wait to go home and start blending!
    Collette Parker
  • A fost o única si deosebita placere sa te ascult aceste 3 zile si am invatat atat de mult! A fost un privilegiu sa pot studia compozitia chimica a atator uleiuri si produse aromaterapeutice! Multe multumiri pentru dedicatia si pasiunea pe care le pui in clasele tale! Esti o persona incredibila, inteligente si cu simtul umorului. Am invatat atat de multe lucruri noi! Multumesc pentru ca mi-ai deschis apetitul pentru a studia minunata lume a Aromaterapiei.
    Cristina Dragoi
  • Lidia Hicks, you are a wonderful teacher with a heart for educating others. I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend. You are so generous with your knowledge and your passion for blessing others with God's oils is evident. I learned so much from you about holistic health, and who our Lord is in your life. You poured out your expertise and your own experiences every day. I will forever be grateful for the 30 hours+ I spent with you, and I hope I will have the opportunity to get to know you more. My husband and I are both business owners and ministers. I see in essential oils the perfect tool to minister to the wellbeing of others. Your class has given me a deeper understanding in the use of essential oils, the appropriate blending technique for optimum effect and how our body systems use the oils to strengthen themselves and maintain our health and wellness. I plan to continue to serve God and others through Aromatherapy.
    Collette Parker
  • Thank you Lidia Hicks for 3 amazing days of deep learning, exploring and inspiration! You are a beautiful and special gift to the humanity. We laughed, cried and our love and passion for the oils was taken to another level. We cannot wait to apply this wonderful knowledge to help others. Your class was an answer to our prayers.
    Christina Hotea
  • I am amazed with how much I learned in this class! It gave me a new understanding of the essential oils. I would have never understood their unique chemical make-up without being in your class. Your knowledge and passion opened my eyes to see better what I already had in my hands for many years! Now I can use and share this knowledge with confidence. It was worth every minutes spent in your class! Thank you so much again Lidia Hicks!
    Ligia Braescu
  • Thank you Lidia Hicks for coming and training us. It was an honor hosting you and this wonderful team of people. The information we learned it was mind blowing. We feel equiped, inspired and confident. You are an amazing person and have such a vast amount of knowledge. This class was an answer to our prayers as we were looking for a way to understand the chemistry of the essential oils and the art of customized blending.
    Maria-Ionela and Lavinius Ana
  • Muchas gracias Lidia Hicks por enseñarnos tan importante información acerca de los aceites esenciales terapéuticos y de buena calidad. Estoy ansiosa por poder ayudar a otros con lo que he aprendido.
    Mayra Long