About Lidia

Our Founder, Lidia Hicks

Lidia is a passionate life-long learner and an innate teacher. Her passions include science, languages, people, traveling and holistic healing. She graduated as an Engineer in 1993 from Gheorghe Asachi University in Romania and emigrated to Madrid, Spain where she fell in love with the Spanish culture.

A few years later, she graduated with a Master’s Degree of Arts in Spanish Language and Culture. In 2004, Lidia moved to the United States where she continued her studies and became a College mathematics and Spanish Instructor at Florida State College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Soon she realized that the food, water and home products she had been using were filled with chemicals and caused her to feel ill. It was at that moment she renewed her commitment to health by allowing God to be her healer and give her wisdom in how to recover.

Lidia’s journey was very interesting and full of rewards. Because of the changes made in diet and lifestyle, in just a few years Lidia was able to recover at 41 years old and give birth to a healthy baby. With that, she thought her goal was accomplished but God had a different.

Lidia continued her studies and became an Educator of the Biblical Principles of Naturopathy through Trinity School Of Natural Health, a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and a GAPS Practitioner through Dr. Natasha Campbell’s program.

A year later, Lidia suffered a 2nd and 3rd-degree burn (that turned out to be a blessing in disguise) which lead her to discover the amazing properties of the therapeutic essential oils. Even with such a serious burn, she was able to travel to Indianapolis to finish her Certified Natural Health Professional training and there she met a new friend, Stacey Kimbrel (now an International Educator) who taught her about the Biblical Oils and their beneficial properties. Using essential oils with regenerative properties for the skin, her hand healed in 35 days and this fast healing took her on a journey of almost 3 years of learning about the essential oils and their great benefits for the overall well-being. Within 1 year she became a Certified C.A.R.E Instructor and opened Drops Of Life Holistic Center with the intention of educating mothers how to use whole foods, plants, and essential oils to strengthen their families´ immune system.

After studying to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and an Instructor at Aroma Hut Institute founded by Rebecca Park Totilo, she realized that her highest call in life is to mentor and teach healers from all over the world in a multitude of holistic modalities.

Lidia serves as a president of Designed For Abundant Life Ministries, and owner of the Drops Of Life Holistic Centre and is the franchise owner of "AromaHutJax " which is a franchise of Aroma Hut Institute in Jacksonville Fl.

She travels to different states and countries to teach small groups of allopathic and holistic practitioners how to incorporate essential oils in their practice.

Her DISTANCE classes have the advantage of the ¨one-on-one personal mentoring¨. The materials are at this moment in English only but if you speak English, Spanish or Romanian you are going to receive your private mentoring sessions in your native language.

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